5 Newsletters That Should Be in Every Smart Working Woman’s Inbox

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a busy woman who’s bouncing from project to project during your workday, leaving little time to stay up to date on what’s happening in the world. Even when you do find yourself with a few spare minutes between tasks, perhaps you don’t know where to start to get the most well-rounded content in the least amount of time.

An easy, underrated solution to staying informed? The email newsletter. Whether sent daily or weekly, a selection of curated articles will help direct your attention to content you most need to know about on a variety of subjects.

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3 Phrases That Make You Sound Naive At Work (And What to Say Instead)

Communication in the workplace is a topic that’s been studied in many ways. And here’s a spoiler alert: the data always shows that effective workplace communication is crucial to personal career growth. Yet even the most seasoned pros can inadvertently undermine themselves by not choosing their words carefully.

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Websites, Apps and Podcasts For Lifelong Students

Have you ever wondered why you can easily remember seemingly useless facts, but are incapable of recalling important dates? Do you marvel at the ease at which you can sing all the words to a song you haven’t heard in years, but you can’t remember what you ate for lunch yesterday?  As it turns out, emotion plays a huge role in memory formation. In short: when we attach emotional significance to a piece of information, we’re much more likely to be able to recall it.

But if you’re worried that being a random knowledge retainer is fruitless, fear not: obscure knowledge is actually good for your mental health. Psychologists explain that knowing the answer to a question that others might find arcane causes a rush of dopamine to the brain, similar to the effects of gambling or playing a video game (but with virtually no downside).

Check out four sources to learn new facts on a daily basis on Fairygodboss. If nothing else, the random knowledge you’ll acquire will make you an excellent team member at your next trivia night.

3 Women Who Found Their True Calling After 45

While some people know exactly what they want to do with their lives from the time they’re teenagers, many others struggle to figure out what they want to be when they grow up—even when they’re grown up. Which isn’t necessarily a negative thing. In fact, career switching has become more common in recent years, particularly among those in their 40s and 50s, proving that it’s never too late to start over. Here, three women reveal how they found their true calling after the age of 45.

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Careers in Food: 4 Women Share How They Forged Their Own Paths

According to a POPSUGAR Insights survey, 43% of women classify themselves as foodies, and the National Restaurant Association found more than 60% of women have worked in the restaurant or food service industry at some point in their lives. It’s clear that hands-on experience and careers in food would be a dream for many women, but determining where and how to get your foot in the door remains a question for many.

The food industry is a popular one, with new employment and work experience opportunities in a range of sub-fields, from food and beverage services to food technologists to food law to nutrition and sustainable food, popping up every day. On Fairygodboss, we asked four women to share in their own words how they got started in their unique food industry careers and what advice they’d give to others hoping to follow in their footsteps.

3 Ways To Get Some Real R&R When You Can’t Take A Vacation

A recent survey from Expedia, aptly titled the Vacation Deprivation Report, showed that Americans are pretty terrible at taking PTO.

According to the report, approximately 462 million vacation days will go unused in 2017 for reasons ranging from budget to work commitments. Yet, the benefits of vacations are well-documented: taking time off can lead to improved productivity, stress reduction and even heart disease prevention.

If you’re one of the millions of people with a bank of unused vacation days, there are plenty of ways to decompress and recharge even if you don’t have the financial means or the flexibility in your schedule to take an extravagant vacation. Here are three that you can do in the comfort of your own home — for free! — any time you need a little R&R.

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You Can Literally Change The Way Your Body Responds To Stress — Here's How

How stressed have you been this month? This week? Today?

Chances are pretty high that you’ve been at least moderately worried, overstretched, or burnt out recently. The American Psychological Association recently released their annual Stress in America report, which found that 75 percent of Americans have experienced at least one symptom of stress in the past month. These symptoms range from anxiousness to irritability to fatigue, and are caused by stressors including money, work, and the future of our nation — all really serious stuff.

Stress is a very real part of our lives, and it can look different for everybody, both in terms of its source and its manifestation. But research has shown that stress can have negative effects on the body, including inflammation, abnormal menstrual cycles and even heart disease. And beyond the physical effects, stress has also been shown to literally change your brain. According to a study done by the University of California, Berkeley, chronic stress can predispose the brain to mental illness.

All this research points to stress being a dire, yet expected aspect of life. But according to Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., an award-winning psychology instructor at Stanford University, there’s a way to make stress a positive part of your life.

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3 Common Habits Destroying Your Credibility at Work

A successful career in public relations is dependent upon forming strong working relationships (go figure, given the name of the industry). And some of the most important relationships PR professionals need to cultivate are with members of the media, the gatekeepers of the ever-important third party validation that so many marketers are seeking.

The PR/journalist relationship is symbiotic—we need each other, but also recognize that the balance can be fragile. And believe it or not, some of your seemingly minor everyday communication habits could be destroying your professionalism and undermining your credibility, no matter what industry you’re in, when trying to keep that balance in check. Here are three of those common habits—and how to put a stop to them.

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Why "Friday Night Lights" Matters in Wellness

With the news that beloved television series "Friday Night Lights" disappeared from Netflix when October rolled around, fans everywhere undoubtedly binged the series just one more time (for the uninitiated: yes, it’s that good). And while Coach Taylor’s unwavering determination and Tami’s supportive, nurturing counsel helped countless characters find their way over the show’s five seasons, the show’s core mantra has unexpected relevance in the wellness world, too.

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