4 Ways Successful Women Stay Energized – Without Coffee


For many women, there are times when it feels like having a coffee cup permanently attached to one hand is the only way to make it through the day. Some of the world’s most successful women have lauded caffeine as their saving grace—Oprah, Katie Couric and even Ariana Grande are among coffee’s biggest fans—and studies have shown that coffee has myriad benefits, from helping people live longer to protecting brain health.

Yet others find caffeinated beverages to be too intense, making them overly wired or anxious, and even causing insomnia if consumed too late in the day. Even those who can tolerate caffeine may want to dial their consumption back occasionally. But for those inevitable days when a pick-me-up is required, what’s a busy, on-the-go woman to do?

Check out 4 surprising — and simple — ways that successful women across various industries stay energized without coffee on Ladders.