Your Night Routine: 5 Things to Do Before Bed to Have Your Most Productive Day Ever

We’ve all had nights when the couch and the show you’re binging on Netflix are just too damn appealing, making it a Herculean effort to get up and start preparing yourself for the following day. But before you hit “play” to watch just one more episode, consider the following: According to the Harvard Business Review, there’s a proven link between how much sleep you get and how effective a leader you are. The bottom line: The more you delay your bedtime routine, the worse you’ll be at effective problem solving, being results driven, seeking out different perspectives and supporting others — and chances are you’ll be pretty cranky, too.

But you can avoid sluggishness and set yourself up for success by following a night routine. Read the full post on Fairygodboss to learn five things to do before bed to have your most productive day ever.