Careers in Food: 4 Women Share How They Forged Their Own Paths

According to a POPSUGAR Insights survey, 43% of women classify themselves as foodies, and the National Restaurant Association found more than 60% of women have worked in the restaurant or food service industry at some point in their lives. It’s clear that hands-on experience and careers in food would be a dream for many women, but determining where and how to get your foot in the door remains a question for many.

The food industry is a popular one, with new employment and work experience opportunities in a range of sub-fields, from food and beverage services to food technologists to food law to nutrition and sustainable food, popping up every day. On Fairygodboss, we asked four women to share in their own words how they got started in their unique food industry careers and what advice they’d give to others hoping to follow in their footsteps.