4 Ways Successful Women Stay Energized – Without Coffee


For many women, there are times when it feels like having a coffee cup permanently attached to one hand is the only way to make it through the day. Some of the world’s most successful women have lauded caffeine as their saving grace—Oprah, Katie Couric and even Ariana Grande are among coffee’s biggest fans—and studies have shown that coffee has myriad benefits, from helping people live longer to protecting brain health.

Yet others find caffeinated beverages to be too intense, making them overly wired or anxious, and even causing insomnia if consumed too late in the day. Even those who can tolerate caffeine may want to dial their consumption back occasionally. But for those inevitable days when a pick-me-up is required, what’s a busy, on-the-go woman to do?

Check out 4 surprising — and simple — ways that successful women across various industries stay energized without coffee on Ladders.


3 Foolproof Ways to Actually Follow Through With Your New Year's Resolutions This Year


A new year is upon us, and with that comes the opportunity for a fresh start — often in the form of a New Year’s resolution. 

Whether you’ve vowed this is the year you’ll finally start hitting the gym before work, or making your way through the unread books on your shelf, or breaking out that fancy kitchen gadget you hardly ever use, it’s common to use this time to commit to self-improvement. In fact, it’s generally reported that anywhere from 40 to 50 percent of Americans make resolutions each year with a goal of bettering themselves in some capacity.

But what’s not as common? Actually accomplishing that goal. Studies show that only 8% of those who make resolutions fulfill them, and many give up as early as February. This means that the chances of becoming the new and improved you that you envisioned might be easier said than done. 

So how can you set yourself up for success and become part of the 8% that crushes their New Year’s resolution? Check out my full story on Fairygodboss for three ways to hold yourself accountable and end the year a whole new you.

The Weirdest Things People Have Done to Hit 10,000 Steps

Steamed bridesmaid's dress: check. Hair and makeup: check. Flip flops for the dance floor: check.

The last remaining bit of bridal party preparation was to remove my Fitbit. Only, you know, not really remove it: Even though I was about to be in a wedding, I couldn't leave my tracker behind. Instead, I just took the sensor out of its chunky rubber wristband and stuck it into my strapless bra—I mean, if you hit 10,000 steps and your fitness tracker doesn't register them, do they even count?

My name is Kaitlin, and I'm a self-professed fitness tracking addict (Cue the group: "Hi, Kaitlin.") Think I'm insane? Maybe. But the wearable fitness tracker industry is projected to reach $48.2 billion by 2023, so I'm not the only one who has done something just a tiny bit crazy to hit their 10,000 steps.

Check out my full story on Greatist!

How to Delay Your Start Date So You Can Take a Breather

Americans are good at a lot of things, but taking vacations is definitely not one of them. Culturally, we’ve been programmed to go-go-go, equating productivity with success and thinking of downtime as wasted time. According to Expedia’s annual Vacation Deprivation Report, U.S. vacation time is at a five-year low.  American workers received 14 vacation days on average and used 10, meaning 653.9 million days were left on the table in 2018. 63 percent of Americans go six months or longer without a vacation, and 28 percent have gone a full year without taking a vacation. And 25 percent admit to checking work email/voicemail at least once a day while on vacation.

But in reality, vacation is so much more than "wasted time". Countless studies have proven that taking time off is incredibly beneficial for employees of all ages and levels, as it allows us to decompress and disconnect from daily work stressors and come back relaxed and rejuvenated. After taking a vacation just two days in length, people reported liking themselves more, feeling more confidence in their ability to solve problems and feeling more hopeful and outgoing. 91 percent of Americans feel taking a vacation lets them hit the reset button on stress and anxiety. And 82 percent come back from vacation with more patience for their coworkers and clients.

It’s clear that taking time off is hugely beneficial, but depending on your workplace, you may not get a ton of paid vacation time each year. And that’s why the holy grail of PTO occurs when you’re in the process of switching to a new job. 

Think about it: so many professions require employees to be connected constantly (which is a different story for another day), so at what other point in your career will you truly have no work responsibilities — no office to commute to, no email to check, no boss to report to — calling your name?

The thought of asking your new boss to delay your start date may be intimidating, but it’s important for your overall health and wellbeing. Plus, some companies have a PTO probation period, meaning that it could be months before you can ask for even a day or two off. 

So, how can you negotiate a delayed start date without appearing like a slacker?

Read my full piece on Fairygodboss to find out.

Your Night Routine: 5 Things to Do Before Bed to Have Your Most Productive Day Ever

We’ve all had nights when the couch and the show you’re binging on Netflix are just too damn appealing, making it a Herculean effort to get up and start preparing yourself for the following day. But before you hit “play” to watch just one more episode, consider the following: According to the Harvard Business Review, there’s a proven link between how much sleep you get and how effective a leader you are. The bottom line: The more you delay your bedtime routine, the worse you’ll be at effective problem solving, being results driven, seeking out different perspectives and supporting others — and chances are you’ll be pretty cranky, too.

But you can avoid sluggishness and set yourself up for success by following a night routine. Read the full post on Fairygodboss to learn five things to do before bed to have your most productive day ever.

4 Ways To Keep Calm In Any Stressful Situation, According to Neuroscience

We all encounter stress in our daily lives--it’s part of being human. But that doesn’t mean we have to let it overwhelm and consume us. Believe it or not, there are many easy ways to control your reaction to stress and keep calm in environments that would typically cause your blood pressure to skyrocket. Read the full post on Fairygodboss for four ways to do so, according to neuroscience.

4 Proven Ways To Train Your Brain To Think Positively

It’s been estimated that humans have anywhere from 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. With that amount of information running through your brain, it’s only natural that the emotions assigned to each thought will vary from wildly positive to strikingly negative.

But while we all have our “Debbie Downer” moments, there is actually a way to train your brain so that those moments are fewer and farther between. Read the full post on Fairygodboss for 4 ways to start flexing that positive-thinking muscle.